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MUSICIANS: Voice: David Byrne Trumpets on 1-4, 11: Chuck Findley, Nolan Smith, Ray Brown, Rich Cooper; on 5-10, 12: Harry Kim, Nolan Smith, Ray Brown, Rich Cooper Saxophones on 1-4, 11: Pete Christlieb, Ernie Watts, Don Myrick Saxophones on 5-10, 12: Pete Christlieb, Jackie Kelso Baritones: Ernie Fields, Bill Green Trombones: Phil Teil, David Stout, Fred Wesley, Garnett Brown, Dana Hughes Drums: Paul Humphrey Percussion: Bobbye Hall. Chuck Findley appears courtesy of Monterey Records. Ernie Watts appears courtesy of Qwest Records Kabuki Bonus Tracks: Voice: David Byrne Instruments: Ookawa, Oodaiko, Bells, Emu II, Rhodes, Fue, Taiko, Tsuzumi, Vocals, Bowed Cymbals

STUDIO CREDITS: Produced by David Byrne. Recorded at One on One Studio & Studio Sound Recorders, North Hollywood, 1984. Engineers: Joel Moss, Mark Wolfson. Mixed by David Byrne and Dominick Maita at RPM Studio, 1984, assisted by Mike Krowiak. Arranged by David Byrne and David Blumberg. Conducted by David Blumberg. Kabuki bonus tracks recorded by A.T. Takagi at JAK Recording Studio, Tokyo, 1983, assisted by Nakamura. Mixed by Pat Dillett at Kampo Studio, NYC, 2007. Originally mastered & re-mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC, 2007.

PUBLISHING: All compositions by David Byrne except as indicated. © & (P) Nonesuch Records for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the United States. Published by Index Music, Inc. (ASCAP) except for non-Kabuki instrumental bonus tracks published by Moldy Fig Music (BMI). Kabuki bonus tracks: © & (P) David Byrne. Track 2: Trad., Arr. by The Baptist Methodist Choir Church of God/Byrne/Blumberg Track 5: Trad., Arr. by Clara Hudman "The Georgia Peach"/Byrne/Blumberg Track 6: Trad., Arr. by Ensemble of the Bulgarian Rep./Byrne/Blumberg Track 8: Trad., Arr. by the Pindar Family /Byrne/Blumberg Track 9: Trad., Arr. by Swan's Silvertone Singers/Byrne/Blumberg.

CD PRODUCTION: Graphic Design: David Byrne and Danielle Spencer Music Production: Frank Hendler Production Coördination: Sarah Resnick Management: Maine Road Management Cover photograph © 1984 JoAnn Verburg. CD Insert: All drawings by David Byrne and All photographs by JoAnn Verburg except the following: Storyboards by Robert Wilson Lion collage in Knee Play 1 by Adelle Lutz Scene drawings in Knee Plays 1, 8, 13, and inlay tray Bird drawings in Knee Play 4 by Jun Matsuno Photographs of Knee Plays 5, 10 and the Tokyo workshop by Glenn Halverson for the Walker Art Center Photograph of Knee Play 7 by Manjit Jari Photograph of Knee Play 9 by Richard M. Feldman Photographs of Knee Plays 3, 8, 11, and 12 by JoAnn Verburg for the Walker Art Center Photograph of David and Bob by Annie Leibovitz

DVD: Performance: Produced and performed at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, April 26-28, 1984. Scenario: Robert Wilson Music and Words: David Byrne Direction: Robert Wilson Artistic Assistance: Adelle Lutz Choreography: Suzushi Hanayagi Design: Robert Wilson, David Byrne, and Jun Matsuno Lighting: Robert Wilson and Julie Archer Narration: David Byrne and members of the company Dancers: Donald Byrd, Maria Cheng, Frank Conversano, Gail Donnenfeld, Denise Gustafson, Marilyn Habermas-Scher, Suzushi Hanayagi, Cho Kyoo-Hyun, Satoru Shimazaki, Jim Lieberthal (understudy) Scenery Props: Steve Beers, Justine Denny, Vince Di Gabriele, Chuck Giles, Scott D. Latendresse, Jamie Reich, Arthur Ridley, Diane Walker Production Interns: Matthew Buckingham, Thomas Ciancutti, Halldor Laxness, Susan Meade Costumes: Smaranda Branescu, Bobette Tylee, Ann Wallace Neon: B. Jirka and Associates Operation: Chuck Helm, Walter Napiorkowski, Scott Iverson Technical Director: Tom Anderson Assistant Production Coordinator: Charles Otte Production Coordinator: Julia Gillett Executive Producer: Robert Stearns All photographs: ©1984 JoAnn Verburg Video Production: Program Compilation: ©2007 David Byrne, JoAnn Verburg, and Robert Wilson

WEBSITE: Design: Peggy Tan and Antonio Serna from Freckles Studio Knee Plays Flash interactive presentation: Freckles Studio. Time Lapse Slideshow: Note DVD credits. Flash Production by

THANKS: David Bither, Robert Hurwitz, David Whitehead, Jörn Weisbrode, Jason Loeffler, and The Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation, Karina Beznicki, Robert Edridge-Waks, Ronen Givony, Eli Cane, Ms. Lia Sweet, Nan Lanigan & Cathy DePriest at RZO, Robert Stearns, Steve Baker, Gary Goetzman, Howard Gilman Foundation, Robyn Brentano, Lindsay Kaplan, Daniel Smith, Jill Vuchetich